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We are so excited to introduce you our new shining wooden stars!

Each wooden star part is hand cut from Baltic pine and fixed together to create a wonderful volume shape. Inside the star you will find a small 15 W lamp which gives a soft mood light. Once the lamp is damaged, there is no problem to repaire it: just open one side of your handmade wooden star and replace the light bulb. Each shining star has a 1,65 m wire cord. Star size: W32-H32 cm.
You think star decorations are only for Christmas? Then we would like to refute this myth! These fabulous shining wooden stars can be used as decorative wall lights, night light for children, warm home interior detail or even as wedding décor. Set free your imagination!

Meet a basket „THE.small.ONE“

Once we took a rope and created a basket with the name „THE.small.ONE“.
It is a very special basket. He can be trusted with all the secrets you might have and he is ready for all the challenges of life. He loves apples and oranges. He can hold a heavy load and can be used in a many different ways. And… he likes to be photographed!