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About Us

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ABOUT STORK INTERIOR DESIGN is an online shop & blog for creative thinkers and design hunters. Here you will find contemporary objects for your home, unique gifts for special someone, homewares, traditional crafts, news and events in Scandinavian design – all in one easy to navigate design shop.

Stork Interior seeds were planted in 2014 out of desire to interpret a traditional crafts into evocative textural works. We consider creativity as a permanent process similar to the always changing home environment. The simplicity, nature inspired elements and originality is our signature look.

Individuality of Lithuanian design, Baltic spirit and Nordic minimalism inspired us to create products that will not be only esthetic, environment friendly, but also would have its original implication and excite the imagination. Each and every Stork Interior product is made with as much love and care as it was designed. Handcraft techniques with great attention and thoroughness give the products it’s authentic style: each pouf, cushion or bellow is handmade and therefore unique. Stork Interior stands for timeless design focusing on an cozy home for everyone.


Ruta Tunkeviciute is a landscape designer and founder of this brand. She appreciates simple and minimalistic objects of design and obviously is inspired by nature.
Ruta‘s sense of form began in her childhood by experimenting with painting, sewing, pottery and knitting. These artistic roots led to her career in landscape design. After 4 years in landscaping she took the opportunity to pull together various activities of her creative life and to start a career as a full time artist and designer.

„I‘m in love with my job. I get inspired by the small pieces of nature like the rain drops, the blossoms, the seeds or the snowflakes… These things are transformative, they merge, grow into something else and everytime creates a different shapes and forms. And I find it similar to the process of creation as the big things often have a small beginings.“

Ruta, Stork Interior designer